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vichayito beach and bungalows

Top 9 Peru Beaches 2018



When most people think of Peru, they think of the stunning Andes mountain range, Llamas, colorful clothing and of course Machu Picchu. What many don’t realize however is that Peru is not just a place of adventure – it is also a place of relaxation and fun.

The Peruvian coastline in the west has a plethora of stunning beaches and is dotted with a host of beautiful Peru beach towns. If you want to kick back and relax after an adventure in the Andes then why not check out some of the famous beaches in Peru and work on your tan? The following are some of the best beaches in Peru that will soothe your aches and pains and help rejuvenate your body and mind:        

Beaches near Lima

Makaha Beach

Makaha Beach is a renowned surfing location on the west coast of Peru and this is a place that many beginners come to learn the sport. The waves are strong but can still be conquered and there are many surfing instructors to help you jump onto the board. Surrounding this Peru beach there is a series of amenities including some amazing restaurants and bars. Furthermore, the whole stretch of adjacent land features some stunning parkland for those who enjoy walking.


Makaha beach view

Makaha Beach view, Lima, Peru.

Waikiki Beach

The Miraflores district in Lima has a series of beaches along the Circuito de Playas. This whole area is simply gorgeous and what makes these beaches so appealing is the series of interconnected public parks that create a fantastic green space within the city. Playa Waikiki is one of the main beaches and it features a delightful shale beach that meets the turquoise waters. Behind the beach, you can take a stroll through the superb Parque Antonio Raimondi and look at the historic Miraflores Lighthouse that stands proudly at the western edge of the park.


Waikiki beach and surfers

Waikiki Beach and surfers, Lima, Peru.

Surf Beaches in Peru

Punta Hermosa Beach

The capital of Peru and surrounding districts actually have a myriad of Peruvian beach resorts and one of the oldest and well-known is Punta Hermosa. Located to the south of the capital along route 1S Punta Hermosa actually has several arched bays that shelter stunning beaches. This resort has some superb hotels and facilities, and it is a great place to relax at after a whirlwind tour of Lima. Consider visiting each of the bays including Playa El Silencio, Playa Senoritas, and Playa Caballeros.


Punta Hermosa Beach

Punta Hermosa Beach located in the west coast of Peru.

Cabo Blanco Beach

Did you know that the famous writer Ernest Hemingway actually stopped at Cabo Blanco? This is another gem in the northern regions of Peru and sits approximately 20 minutes from Vichayito. Although small in size, this beach has a pier and a series of restaurants and bars, and even a church! This is another surfing haven but only for the experienced – the waves are deep and strong therefore only professional surfers should venture out on their board.


Cabo Blanco Surf

Cabo Blanco Beach located in the Northern region of Peru.

Tourist Beaches in Peru

Mancora Beach

If you head to the northern regions of Peru past the stunning El Angolo Game Reserve you can find the small but vibrant town of Mancora. This gorgeous coastal resort is popular with South American holidaymakers and has over 30 high-quality hotels to choose from; this is one of the most popular Peru beaches. The beach itself is sublime – the sand is gold and there are palm trees dotted throughout. Aside from the beach, if you love to party then Mancora is the place to go – this resort is known for its numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants and is a superb place to enjoy a few drinks.


Mancora Beach

Mancora Beach located in Piura region, Peru.

Vichayito Beach

If you travel approximately 15 minutes to the south-west of Mancora, you will find the quiet village of Vichayito. This paradise provides escapism from the busier Peruvian beaches and has a laid-back and tranquil atmosphere. Due to its low-key demeanor, you can expect to have the beach to yourself – and the beach is a true delight; the sands are unbelievably soft and gentle dunes rise up behind the main beachhead. If you want to simply sunbathe and be at one with your thoughts, head on over to Vichayito.


Vichayito Playa

Vichayito Beach, Piura, Peru.

Asia Beach

The Asia district in central Peru has become an exclusive coastal area with a range of world-class resorts. If you have a little cash to splash and want to indulge in the finer things in life, look no further. The beach along this stretch of coasts lasts for miles and the ocean views are magnificent. Once you have had your fill of sunbathing and relaxation, you can head to the various shopping areas or enjoy a high-quality meal in one of the fine restaurants. During the summer, the Asia district also hosts many fashion shows and sporting events.


Sunset at Asia Beach

Sunset at Asia Beach, Peru.

Huanchaco Beach

Further up north along the coast from Lima within the bustling city of Trujillo is the amazing surfer’s paradise that is Huanchaco Beach. This coastal location has the distinction of being a surfing resort and it draws thrill-seekers from around the world. If you want to ride the waves in Peru then this is the place to visit! Aside from surfing opportunities, Huanchaco is also renowned for its sublime seafood – as a fishing town, you can expect delicious fresh produce that tastes out of this world.


Huanchaco & Caballitos de Totora

Huanchaco Beach located in Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru.

La Mina Beach

De Paracas national reserve is home to some phenomenal landscapes and scenery, and the rugged coastline has formed some exceptional beaches. Approximately 7km to the south of Paracas itself, there is a large promontory that sticks out – on the southern side of this feature you can find La Mina, tucked away in a corner. This small Peru beach resort is sheltered by the bay it resides in and is a hidden wonder. The waters are crystal clear and it is even possible to watch sea lions playing on the many small islands in the sea.


La Mina Beach

La Mina Beach, Paracas, Peru.


As you can see, the beaches in Peru rival those of popular summer holiday destinations and offer an amazing mix of sunshine, golden sands, relaxation and world-class amenities. For the weary traveler, the western coast of Peru is a true haven and the perfect place to visit to recuperate before their next intrepid adventure.