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Cicciolina Restaurant in Cuzco

The 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco – 2018





Cusco, a beautiful city in the southeastern part of Peru, is a haven for food lovers. Thus, it’s not hard to find a Cusco restaurant that serves the finest Peruvian and International delicacies. Most travelers to Peru would head to Cusco as a starting point for their trek to the Machu Picchu. A lot of times, they would spend at least a few days in the city in order to acclimatize before they head on to their trek. If you’re staying in Cusco for a few days and wondering where to savor some of the most delicious Peruvian dishes, check out this list of the best restaurants in Cusco.



This rustic restaurant is located in San Blas and specializes in traditional Andean cuisine. If you’re adventurous enough, go ahead and try the local specialty of Andean guinea pig. The marinated alpaca skewers and oven-friend trout are also among the most popular dishes on their menu.

Aside from serving mouthwatering traditional foods, Pachapapa is also among those Cusco restaurants that have a beautiful outdoor setting. Surrounded with whitewashed columns and several potted plants, you’ll be sitting at wooded banquettes while dining at the restaurant’s open courtyard. A heater and an enormous clay oven warm the place and you can smell the tempting scent of pizzas permeating the area while you enjoy your meal.


Pachapapa Restaurant

Pachapapa Restaurant located in San Blas, Cuzco, Peru.


This Cusco restaurant is known for serving a combination of Italian and Peruvian dishes. Set in a former Inca palace, the restaurant’s most popular dishes are crab risotto and squid-ink tagliatelle. They are also known for serving sorbets, which represents the restaurant’s Italian fare. The delicious frozen dessert is available in a wide variety of flavors.

Incanto restaurant Cusco is known for its cozy dining ambiance. The contemporary designed restaurant enjoys a sophisticated, yet welcoming and homey atmosphere. Diners can be seen enjoying the restaurant’s delicious fare while the tempting smell of homemade pizzas cooked in a massive clay oven dominates the place.


Incanto Restaurant

Incanto Restaurant in Cuzco, Peru.

MAP Café Cusco

This is one of the most elegant places to eat in Cusco. The cafe is located inside a Pre-Columbian art museum, which makes your dining experience even more interesting. Serving delicious gourmet Peruvian fusion dishes, one of the cafe’s most famous specialties is the farm fresh salad with organic lettuce served with cornflakes, garlic chips, black olive crumble, and vinaigrette. The ingredients are sourced from their own farm located in the nearby Sacred Valley.

If you’re looking for classy fine dining Cusco Peru restaurants, this place should be on your list. Dominating the museum’s cobbled courtyard, the cafe is set in a light-filled, glass-enclosed conservatory where black-suited waiters can be seen serving well-heeled diners.


MAP Café Cusco

MAP Café Cusco located inside a Pre-Columbian art museum, Cuzco, Peru.


Located on the second floor of an old colonial building, which is just a few minutes away from the central plaza of Cusco, Cicciolina deserves to be called the best restaurant in Cusco. Serving diners from an open kitchen, the menu consists of a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes that includes squid-ink pasta and pan-fried scallops served along with a glass of fine vintage wine.

Cicciolina is not only a restaurant, for this charming venue also features a simple tapas bar serving the most delectable wine. The place exudes a cozy and homey ambiance, where bundles of garlic and paprika garlands can be seen hanging from the ceiling.


Ciocciolina Restaurant

Ciocciolina Restaurant in Cuzco, Peru.

Chicha Restaurant

Chicha’s name was derived from an ancient Incan corn beer. The restaurant serves the best food in Cusco so it’s not surprising why they are often booked and you may need to make an advance reservation to secure a seat. Its popularity may also be due to the fact that an award-winning celebrity chef, Gaston Acurio, is the owner of the restaurant. Aside from this Cusco restaurant, the celebrity chef also owns several other restaurants in Lima and other cities in Peru.

Overlooking the town’s Plaza Regocijo, diners can also enjoy their meal at the balcony with views opening to the plaza. Chef Gastón has put an imaginative twist on the traditional Andean recipes and came up with delectable specialties like trout ceviche, grilled octopus, and the Peruvian specialty dish that consists of flash-fried spicy sirloin strips.


Chicha Restaurant Cusco

Chicha Restaurant Cusco, Peru.


Opening up to the picturesque views of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, Limo is a chic and contemporary Cusco restaurant that doubles as a pisco bar. The restaurant’s decor features a minimalist design with bare floors and a few wooden tables. Yet, it still retains several historical features from the structure’s original colonial architecture.

Limo is a great place to unwind in the evening while sipping a glass of pisco-based cocktails and nibbling on the complimentary potato fries served with a savory homemade dipping sauce. If you want to have a taste of some traditional Peruvian dishes, try the alpaca steak with quinoa or adobo marinated in an Andean corn beer. The restaurant also specializes in Peruvian seafood dishes with an Asian twist, such as the sushi and tiradito, a Peruvian version of the sashimi.


Limo Restaurant

Limo Restaurant in Cuzco City, Peru.

Fallen Angel Cusco

If you want to enjoy a unique Cusco dining experience, head over to the Fallen Angel. Tucked in a corner of a plaza, Fallen Angel is a Cusco restaurant that doubles as an ultra-funky guesthouse featuring outlandish decors of whimsical art and designs. The place is decorated with floating cherubs and flying pigs where diners eat at tables made of thick glasses set on bathtubs where tropical fishes can be seen swimming inside. It truly is a one-of-a-kind Cuzco Peru restaurant, and dining at this restaurant is an experience you should not miss while in Cusco.

Aside from its unique eccentric decors, Fallen Angel is also known for serving the best steaks in the city. Their steaks are cooked in local Peruvian spices and served with delicious garlic salsas.


Fallen Angel Restaurant

Fallen Angel Restaurant in Cuzco City, Peru.

Le Soleil Cusco

Whether it’s modern or traditional cuisine that you want, the Le Soleil Cusco restaurant is certainly one of the best places to eat in Cusco. The restaurant’s stylish interiors exude a subtly romantic ambiance. Enjoying a “white tablecloth” dining, diners are served with champagne and wines in sparkling wine glasses.

Aside from the extensive list of wine, the menu of Le Soleil also features several garlic staples such as baked ratatouille and duck à l’orange. If you consider yourself a “shoestring diner”, there’s a single course that you might fancy, but for the more indulgent diners, the seven course-tasting menu would be perfect.


Le Soleil Cusco Restaurant

Le Soleil Cusco Restaurant, Cuzco Peru.

Marcelo Batata

This Cusco restaurant’s rooftop terrace opens up to the beautiful views of the city. It is known for its use of traditional ingredients in creating dishes that features Oriental, Mediterranean, and Criollo influences. The restaurant interior’s deep red walls are decorated with black and white photography featuring the local people and the beautiful Peruvian landscape, which is a stark contrast to the black beams and modern seating.

Some of the best dishes from Marcelo Batata’s menu are the tender Alpaca steak and the chicken served with a thick creamy sauce that’s made with aguaymanto, a Peruvian orange fruit. If you want to learn how to cook these distinctive Peruvian dishes, you can sign-up for a cooking course at the restaurant, headed by the brilliant chef Erick Paz Gallegos.

Marcelo Batata Restaurant

Marcelo Batata Restaurant, Cuzco, Peru.


This Cusco restaurant often gets a long queue during lunchtime simply because they are known to serve the most delicious food in Cusco Peru at very reasonable prices. Serving local organic foods, their trout and caper salad is truly the best, which was stacked high with fresh veggies. They also serve refreshing organic drinks such as the mint and zesty lemon juice.

Aside from the fresh salads, Organika also serves local Peruvian dishes such as the trout ceviche and alpaca tenderloin. If you need a budget-friendly Cusco restaurant, Organika would be the best place to visit.


Organika Restaurant

Organika Restaurant in Cuzco, Peru.




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