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We do our best to provide useful information on Peru so that you can not only get inspired but also get ideas and resources for a great Peru Trip planning. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to go over a particular topic. Enjoy!
lima international airport

Main Airports in Peru

  There are 234 Peru airports but only 21 of these airports are catering to regular passenger flights. Yet, the schedules and flight routes of both International and Domestic flights in Peru are changeable so it is best to check schedules...

Miraflores view

Where to stay in Lima?

  Lima is home to 12 million people in the greater metropolitan area, and it is the largest city in the country. In terms of tourism, many people often wonder where to stay in Lima, and which is the best place...

vichayito beach and bungalows

Top 9 Peru Beaches 2018

  When most people think of Peru, they think of the stunning Andes mountain range, Llamas, colorful clothing and of course Machu Picchu. What many don't realize however is that Peru is not just a place of adventure - it is...

Peruvian Christmas ornaments

All you need to know to spend Christmas in Peru

  If you're thinking of spending Christmas in Peru, before you go, you'll need to start practising how to say Feliz Navidad. Yes, that's Merry Christmas in Spanish and apart form por favor and gracias, they are the two most important...

plants in peru

The incredible benefits of the Medicinal Plants in Peru

  Everyone is aware of the Peruvian rainforest’s rich biodiversity, but what some people didn’t realize is that there are a number of rare Peruvian plants that are known for their powerful medicinal properties. These native plants in Peru have long...

Lares Trek view

The Perfect Packing List for Peru

  Peru is a definitely backpackers dream. This historic country sits in the north western part of South America, bordering Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. Due to its bio diverse landscape, Peru has a wide range of different ecosystems from...