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With our Peru Blog, we intend to be source of useful information on Peru so that you can not only get inspired but also get ideas and resources for great Peru Trip planning. Also, feel free to contact us if you would like us to go over a particular topic. Enjoy!
26 Dec

Peruvian food, flavor wonderland

It´s not breaking news that Peruvian food is literally in everyone´s mouth. Awarded “World’s Leading Culinary Travel Destination” for three years in a row, Peru is becoming the gastronomical capital of South America....

2 Nov

Skylodge – Cliffside Accommodation in Peru

The lodges of the Amazon Jungle give a whole new meaning to the term wild dreams. In the boltholes that hem Tambopata National Park, visitors can fall asleep to the whooping-cough sounds of red howler monkeys and wake up to the chatter of parakeets....

9 Oct

Classic Tour of Lima, City of Kings

Members of the PBT team are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we provide to each of our customers so they can get the best experience throughout. In this opportunity, we participated in our City tour in Lima and are now happy to share...