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With our Peru Blog, we intend to be source of useful information on Peru so that you can not only get inspired but also get ideas and resources for great Peru Trip planning. Also, feel free to contact us if you would like us to go over a particular topic. Enjoy!
Cicciolina Restaurant in Cuzco

The 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco – 2018

      Cusco, a beautiful city in the southeastern part of Peru, is a haven for food lovers. Thus, it’s not hard to find a Cusco restaurant that serves the finest Peruvian and International delicacies. Most travelers to Peru would head to...

Pink Dolphin

Meet the amazing Pink Dolphins of the Peruvian Amazon

  Peru has a diverse ecosystem and biodiversity and features a wonderful array of plants and wildlife species. From the lofty Peruvian Andes to the rainforests and rivers of the Amazon, the country really does have it all and for anyone...

plants in peru

The incredible benefits of the Medicinal Plants in Peru

  Everyone is aware of the Peruvian rainforest’s rich biodiversity, but what some people didn’t realize is that there are a number of rare Peruvian plants that are known for their powerful medicinal properties. These native plants in Peru have long...

Humboldt Penguin

Best locations to see penguins in South America

  Think of penguins and the first thing which comes to mind is probably a colony of black and white birds huddled together during a blizzard in a snow-covered Arctic landscape. It's a common misconception. While Emperor penguins do reside in...

macchu picchu face

The mysterious face and symbols of Machu Picchu

  For most travelers, simply seeing the jaw-dropping site of Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime event in itself. What makes this experience even more enjoyable however is the mysterious Machu Picchu face or Inca face, symbols and rock...