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Amazon Rainforest

Interesting Amazon River Facts for your trip



You have probably heard of the most interesting facts about the Amazon River and now you’re thinking of going there. If so, then you are definitely making the right decision!

The Amazon River is located in the Amazon Rainforest. This rainforest has the largest ecosystem in the world. In fact, a big portion of this mysterious rainforest is still undiscovered and most of the jungle is only accessible if you navigate through the river. The river is massive, beautiful, and totally extraordinary. As you sail through it, you’ll feel it’s power and might, and you’ll understand why it has attracted thousands of explorers from around the world.


Canoe in the Amazon

Canoe in the Amazon River in Peru.

Amazon River Information

Before you get too excited to book your trip, here are some facts about the Amazon River.

  • So you might ask, where is the Amazon River located? The river is located in South America and it is the second largest river in the world.
  • 1/3 of the world’s known species are said to be living in the river now. It’s also where the piranha can be found. The piranha is a meat-eating fish that is known to attack in groups and would prey on livestock that gets stranded in the water.
  • Anaconda, one of the heaviest and longest snakes in the world, has been found lurking in the shallow waters of the river. They are known to occasionally attack bigger animals that get close to the river.
  • The river flows all the way to Brazil from Peru, then towards the Atlantic Ocean, connecting the many continents that are in between these two South American countries through a number of canals, waterways, and river passages spreading like a spider web all throughout South America.
  • Some of the most popular connecting countries are Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, and Venezuela. The Amazon River has the largest supply of river water all over the world, which makes it possible to travel through these countries via a boat and some other water transportation systems.
  • There are not any bridges that cross the Amazon River, simply because there’s really no need. Majority of the river runs towards the rainforest instead of passing through cities and roads.
  • So how long is the Amazon River? While the length of the Amazon River remains unclear, some scientists have suggested that the length of the river is about 6,400 kilometers or 4,000 miles. Having a width of 1.6 to 10 km, the Amazon River is the widest of all the rivers in the world.


Amazon Kayaking

Kayaking through the Amazon River, Peru.

How To Get to the Amazon River

 Now that you know some Amazon River facts, you probably want to know how you can get there and explore the river. But first, where should you go to start your exploration?

As mentioned above, the river begins in Peru and goes all the way to Brazil while passing through the countries of Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Therefore, these countries are the most obvious choices to begin your holiday in the Amazon, yet each country present different kinds of experiences and logistical challenges.

Since the river begins in Peru, you’ll find that there are plenty of Amazon River adventure packages that start in this country. In fact, this is where most travelers wanting to explore the Amazon would usually begin their adventure.

How To Explore the Amazon River

The unrivaled size and diversity of the mighty Amazon Rainforest River have lured travelers from around the world to experience its incredible ecosystem for centuries now. Here are some of the best ways to explore the river:

River Cruising

From luxury to budget cruises, there are plenty of options available for travelers who wanted to cruise along the Amazon River. The cruise may also include other activities, such as fishing, visiting riverside villages, and viewing colossal water lilies. Most of the boats have professional guides and air-conditioned cabins for a more comfortable experience. The boat would travel along the stretch of the river and may stop at some points of interest, depending on the package of your choice. You can choose from big barges, pontoon boats, or traditional boats for your cruise.


Amazon Cruise Exterior View 2

Aria Amazon River Cruise, Peru.


Jungle Trekking

There are plenty of national parks and wildlife reserves along the Amazon River and exploring them is a great way to experience wildlife up close and observe them in their natural habitat. One of the most popular of these jungle treks is a guided hike at the Manu National Park of Peru. A professional and expert guide will walk you through the park, where you’re guaranteed to encounter native animals including manatees, river dolphins, river turtles, and a lot of primate species. There might even be a jaguar and some incredible plants and trees along the way!


Tambopata Research Center Forest

Enjoyin the wildlife during a jungle trekking in the Amazon Forest, Peru.


Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Work

Volunteering at one of the wildlife sanctuaries along the Amazon River is a truly rewarding experience. The best thing about volunteering in these wildlife sanctuaries is that you don’t need to have a special knowledge of all the wildlife species and animals in the sanctuary. All you need is passion, stamina, and a team-building attitude. As a volunteer, you’re expected to help in the rehabilitation of some exotic wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest Rivers. These are animals that have gotten injured by other animals or those suffering from accidents and have been rescued from poaching.

Is It Safe to Explore the Mighty Amazon River?

Exploring the mighty Amazon River is a truly remarkable experience. Yet, some people are too scared to explore it because of some of the frightening facts about the Amazon River. Are the anacondas going to suffocate you? Are the jaguars and pumas going to attack you? What about the piranhas? And what happens if the lost tribes of Amazon will kidnap you?



Birdwatching in the Amazon River.


First of all, the Amazon River is a popular travel destination in South America and thousands of tourists would travel to Peru just to explore this amazing river. None of these travelers ended up getting eaten by the anaconda or attacked by the pumas and jaguars, and none of those frightening things have happened to them.


Remember that the Amazon Rainforest is massive. The area of the rainforest in Peru alone is bigger than 150 football fields! It’s not really as creepy as what everyone thought. If you want to know what it really feels like to explore this mighty river, go ahead and book your trip now, and don’t let your fear of the unknown stop you from exploring the most amazing river in the world!