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What Our Customer say about us

Mailiki Patterson
Mailiki Patterson USA

Our trip to Peru, especially Machu Picchu was nothing short of AMAZING!!! This trip had been a dream of mine since I was 20! I decided to use Peru Best Tours as my sister had traveled to Peru 6 years prior. I will admit, initially I was skeptical because it was strange to plan a trip strictly by email. However, I must say I was very, very impressed! PBT and staff planned a worry free trip! Everything went off without any issues! Flawless! Of course Machu Picchu was absolutely breathtaking and at every travel point out drop off/pick ups went off without a hitch. I also found our guides to be amazing , knowledgeable and external kind. Kudos to Diana, Adriel and Ronal for a memorable trip!

‎Cadogan Justin Price USA

Peru Best Tours did a fantastic job! The accommodations and staff that assisted us throughout our trip to Peru were top notch! I highly recommend that anyone visiting to Peru utilizes Peru Best Tours. If you are visiting Machu Picchu do not miss the opportunity to climb Wayna Picchu. The views from above are absolutely incredible! Thanks Peru Best Tours for providing my mother and I with memories that will last a lifetime. Diana Montes was our travel agent and was amazing throughout the entire process. I highly recommended that you ask for Diana!

Dan Prober USA

We just got back from our trip to Peru. Diana from PBT was assisted us with great patience over several months of planning. She worked to customize our tour so everything would be perfect. PBT agents met us at the airport in Lima, at the hotel in Cusco. The hotels were all great values. The tour guides were all excellent, knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic. We toured Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machupicchu, Lima and Pachacamac. I can't say enough good things about the tour that Diana arranged for us. We hope to visit Peru again some day and, when we do, we will definitely work with PBT.

Dennis & Cynder USA
Dearest Diana,

Thank you for putting together such a magnificent visit for us. We loved every minute of our time in Peru, thanks to the organizational skills of you and your fabulous company. Every detail of our trip was perfect. We appreciated the warm welcome at every stop, the use of a local cell phone, although we only used it once to connect with a guide, and all of the warm and charming hotels. The hotels at each stop were perfect for us, just the right balance of comfort and cost --- along with terrific staffs. All of the guides were exceptional too --- extremely knowledgeable, and with a sense of humor. We loved each one, especially Sylvia. What an enchanting woman, and so much fun!!! It was the highlight of our trip!! The political history, the architectural highlights, the beautiful farmers market (for fabulous photos), the lessons in making ceviche and pisco sours, and of course the lunch. She also recommended the restaurant called CALA. In the last few months I have visited France, Spain (where we loved eating in Barcelona along the water front), Alaska, Hawaii, along with a few other places, CALA is by FAR our favorite restaurant. Every detail was superb, from the warm welcome, excellent service, unbelievably great menu, and even better food. We fell in love with Lima!!! We did love Machu Picchu too, and were thrilled with the Hiram Bingham train ride. The band was so great in the train station that we started dancing in the train station. Imagine our delight when the same band was on the train in the car ahead of us. We didn’t really want the train to stop, especially with the great food, music and free drinks. What could be better?? Dearest Diana we can’t thank you enough for putting together the trip of a lifetime for us. Please pass on our appreciation to the rest of your staff, and let us know if you ever come to California.  We would love to host you.

Very best wishes.

Alicia Mady USA

After we returned from our trip, all of the stories I told my friends included how amazing Peru Best Tours was and how seamless they made our vacation. I am a frequent traveler and pride myself on the level of detail I plan out my trips. When my husband and I decided our next trip would be to Peru, honestly I was a little nervous. To start, neither of us spoke Spanish. As I was scouring multiple sites online, I stumbled across Peru Best Tours. I was drawn in by the fact that they would provide a cellphone to us while we were in the country. As soon as I started working with Mike, I was sold. He provided me with all the details and pricing information, it made me so comfortable making trip decisions! When I asked for an extra night at Machu Picchu, he provided all the details plus recommended hiking up one of the mountains next the Machu Picchu. Honestly, this hike was one of my favorite parts of our trip and have Mike to thank for it! As our vacation approached, Diana helped us with all my last minute questions! For example, I asked Diana what the bag restrictions were for the travel we would do in-country (air, train, and bus) and I quickly received a detailed email with all the information I needed! I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed. I also asked Diana if we should email one of the hotels that we were leaving from early to see if they could pack a breakfast for us. Diana said those are the types of things that she is for, and took care of everything for me! Once we arrived in Peru, everything was beyond amazing! We loved all of our tours and accommodation! Moving from one city to the next was simple and stress free. One morning we were supposed to fly out of Cusco to the Amazon. Cusco had fog that morning that delayed all flights in and out of the city. When we arrived at the airport we were told our flight was delayed one hour. I used the cellphone provided to call the 24/7 helpline to let them know. The lady told me not to worry and she would make sure the people picking us up in the Amazon were aware of the delay. A little time went by and our flight was delayed another hour. Again I called the helpline. The lady was sorry the weather had caused a delay and said she would update the people in the Amazon with our status. As I was hanging up, I overheard a group of tourist next to us. They were concerned that they would miss connecting up with the tour they had planned at their destination. I smiled that I didn't have to worry and the Peru Best Tours was busy making sure everything was taken care for us! And it was! We reached the Amazon and were whisked off to our next adventure! Our trip was amazing! A once in a lifetime experience! I would recommend a trip to Peru and Peru Best Tours to everyone!

Kyriacos & Diane OH USA

In May 2015, my husband and I spent 6 days and 5 nights in Peru and visited Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lima. All of the travel arrangements for our trip (hotels, tours, transfers, trains, entrance tickets, etc.) were made by Peru Best Tours (PBT). While in Peru, PBT gave us a local cell phone and a 24-hour number to call in case of emergency. Our contact at PBT was Diana. Diana was wonderful. She was polite, friendly, professional, and responsive to all of our inquiries and questions from day one. She was always more than happy to assist us and to put an itinerary together that would make us happy. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with Diana. All the travel arrangements for our trip worked according to schedule—there wasn’t a single hiccup. We were pleasantly surprised about how smoothly everything ran. The local drivers were polite, friendly, and always on time. The excursions were fascinating and the guides terrific. We had a wonderful trip to Peru. We recommend using PBT for your travel arrangements without a single reservation.