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Peru, good for kids?

Planning a family vacation can be somewhat stressful but not when having an experienced travel agency as Peru Best Tours ( on your side! Peru has many alternatives to offer for family travelers and we will advise on the best choice based on your family’s interests, kid’s ages, preferred locations, activities and number of days available for your holidays.
The main attraction, of course, is the visit to Machu Picchu which can be complemented with the following options:
For the nature-loving families, the best option is taking a trip to the Rainforest! We offer family-orientated programs for kids, with educational and exciting activities like the children’s Rainforest playground, and for teens, with more active and adventurous activities like kayaking the river.|
For families who enjoy getting immerse into new cultures, discovering archaeological remains and impressive ancient artifacts, visiting top Museums in Lima like the Larco Museum and Pachacamac archaeological complex will give them that extra dose of knowledge about Peruvian culture after visiting the land of the Incas.
For families looking for much more relaxed holidays, they have the option of visiting the Northern Peru and its beautiful white-sanded beaches as the well-known Mancora and Punta Sal. Day trips to the Southern Peru for sailing to Islas Ballestas and spotting sea lions, penguins and other marine species are also available.
The options for your next family holiday in Peru are numerous and there’s everything for everyone!
Peru Best tours offer private tours for an even more comfortable way of touring.This type of service will give you more freedom in developing a travel plan specially catered for your family’s needs. Who better than an expert to advise on best time of the year to travel, locations, activities, what to bring and what to expect.
The answer is yes! Peru is great for kids so put the stress aside, contact us now and leave us all the planning of your once-in-a-life family vacation in Peru. We will take care of every single detail and meet each of your family members’ expectations.

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