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Peru, Flavor Wonderland

It´s not breaking news that Peruvian food is literally in everyone´s mouth. Awarded “World’s Leading Culinary Travel Destination” for three years in a row, Peru is becoming the gastronomical capital of South America.

Its diverse and ever-changing cuisine is full of flavors beyond imagination and it all starts with the farmers and their high quality produce: fruit, vegetables, spices, grains, pulses, maize and multiple varieties of potatoes. Preparation methods and recipes that go back to ancient times and gather influence from Andean, Spanish, African, Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.
Traditional Peruvian food is tightly linked to the geographical area of each region, in the Andes predominates ingredients such as corn, potato, native herbs and ancient grains a long with domesticated animals like Alpaca and Cuy.

The Coast has been greatly benefited by having the world´s richest remaining fishery, giving way to dishes like the already renowned Ceviche, ConchasNegras and Tiradito. The Amazon River provides with fish wildlife in abundance, the Rainforest with jungle animals and tropical fruits, being the banana an ingredient present in most of their dishes.

An important part of Peruvian gastronomy includes traditional drinks, among which stand out our Pisco, presented always with high pride by Peruvians, and Chicha de Jora, a type of corn beer typical from the Northern-coast.

Truth to be told, Peruvian cuisine and its rich gastronomic heritage, cannot be easily described in words, and even if it could, it would not do much justice to the real deal. The only way to truly discover the magic behind this rich cuisine is by first-hand experience, getting fully immersed in a ride that will take you through a long journey of sensations. So start planning your trip to Peru and be part of an experience that will leave you fully amazed.

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