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Our wonderful Culinary Tour in Lima

We prepare ourselves to start this mouth-watering experience in the morning. We will pass through some of Lima’s highlight attractions such as the Bridge of Sighs, the main plaza and the Pacific Ocean’s coastline in the district of Barranco and the Park of Love and the HuacaPucllana in the district of Miraflores while stopping at key places for a couple of appetizers.

On to our first stop, a local roastery where we will sit, relax and have a delicious cup of organic Peruvian coffee. After having a pleasant conversation with our knowledgeable guide and the other members of our group, we continue our culinary adventure and head to Barranco to learn about the history of this bohemian district, home to top city’s art galleries, like the one of famous photograph Mario Testino.

The next location awaits for us with an incredibly smooth and silky Lucuma Milkshake and we will have the chance to see this and other local and exotic fruits in our next stop: San Isidro Market. Here we will taste a variety of fruits and you will be impressed not only by their amazing taste but how shiny and beautiful they look. We will continue exploring the market’s stalls, discovering the different types of potatoes and the well-known Peruvian Purple Corn. Also, we will get familiarized with fresh fish and sea food before our next stop at a top restaurant for our Ceviche and Pisco Sour classes.

Our Pisco Sour class will start by tasting two varieties of Pisco, the aromatic and non-aromatic, and a mix of non-aromatic Pisco with ginger. We are then ready to start following our bartender’s directions and prepare our own Pisco Sour. Later, we meet with the head chef who will guide us in the preparation of Peru’s flag dish: Ceviche.

We then taste our wonderful and delicious creation accompanied by a relaxing time to share comments about the new flavors we will experience.

We are about to reach our final stop, the Huaca Pucllana restaurant, located within the archaeological complex of the same name, for a tasteful gourmet lunch. We will have a gourmet tasting of four typical dishes and four typical desserts, learning about their origins and understanding why, we Peruvians, are so proud of our food.

Finally, our guide will give us an introduction to what this archaeological site was and what it was used for in the pre-Inca times.

We have reached the end of a marvelous day, after discovering new flavors and sensations that will leave you feeling Peru closer to your heart.

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